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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wall Script 4.0 Updates

OEmbed expand URL service acquired by embed.ly, now it’s paid service so that I’m releasing this expanding URL fix. Right now this function will work with Youtube and Vimeo links. I have been working with few more popular services. For demo check my profile at labs.9lessons labs.9lessons.info/srinivas

If you own Wall Script 4.0 please mail to [email protected] with subject “ExpandURL WallScript” I will send you the Expand_URL.php file ASAP

Once you got the file just copy “Expand_URL.php” and paste it into wall script “includes” directory.

Note: Take your existing copy backup the do these modifications.

Step 1
Include new line in these files index.php, moreupdates_ajax.php and message_ajax.php.
include_once 'includes/db.php';
include_once 'includes/Wall_Updates.php';
include_once 'includes/Expand_URL.php'; // new line

Step 2
Delete following code in these file load_messages.php or message_ajax.php
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function(){$("#stexpand<?php echo $msg_id;?>").oembed("<?php echo  $link; ?>",{maxWidth: 400, maxHeight: 300});});

And Replace
<div id="stexpand<?php echo $msg_id;?>">


<div id="stexpand<?php echo $msg_id;?>">
$link =textlink($orimessage);
echo Expand_URL($link);

wall.js Fix

Remove following line.

Message update FadeIn effect fix replace following code



Same way comment update fadein effect fix.



More button pre image loader fix.
$("#more").html('<img src="icons/ajaxloader.gif" />');


$("#more"+ID).html('<img src="icons/ajaxloader.gif" />');

Wall Script 4.0 Wall.9lessons.info.

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